Working for safer London Escorts

  • Security measures are in place for protection against aggressive, violent and preditory men. By this we mean and include those considering robbery, fraud or harm. We understand that 99% of you are genuine decent punters but such people do exist, although rare. Consider that it is our genuine concern that punters privacy is paramount at all times. Which is why security is considered on merit and security adjusted as required. Such action is only implimented where inviduals behave illegally, or at harm or risk and innocent people. While security is at the detriment of the bad guys with all genuine and decent customers retaining their freedom and privacy at ALL times. An escort has the right to call the police, her porter, neighbour or agency in an emergency situation for support.
  • It is our primary concern to encourage escorts to work at a safe and clean environment and one of the reasons why escorts contact us to join and like working with us. Other agencies dont often work the same way. Neither do many independants. So booking through our agency supports and helps escorts and they feel less inclined to drift into unsafe working conditions which maybe also unsafe for you too. After all a safer supportive friendly group is always much better for you and her than being on their own or on the streets. A safer escorts working envirnment and a discrete safe place for punters to meet escorts is the best situation.
  • Bait and switch. A mine field of a subject. We are aware many punters are concerned about this. Occasionally people attribute an incident as bait n switch where there is an genuine explanation. Its easy to jump to conclusion and forget that not all reviews genuinely offer all the facts and a mildly bias view of the writer. Some pictures maybe old and she refuses to update them for her personal reasons but usualy the girls in the pictures are the girls you have asked to see. She does not always have the ability or time to prepare to the same professional level that the artist has done in her pictures either. For example if you have just pushed the receptionist for an immediate booking you should accept that your asian escort has not had enough time to freshen up, dress and apply make up to a professional standard that you see in the pictures. Remember she also has to shower and prepare her house too. Pictures have had the benefit of professional make up artists and the scene prepared for the photos. All of which is a luxury not available to an escort in a hurry.