Bait and switch Escorts


A tough subject to cover and one which we will try to cover here.

When our agency posts a new escort we then try to follow this up a few weeks for a visit to ensure that the girl is genuine. There is little else that is better than doing this and it is time consuming at best to complete. To reassure you if at any time we find that the girl is not the same as shown in the pictures then with our checks then we offer a warning and then finally remove their pictures completely until the matter is resolved. We do genuinely worry about our reputation and prefer valued and genuine guys to return as a regular. There are some instances that is out of our control regrettably. We try to ask you not to get caught up with a bait and switch assumption as it is not the answer to every case that does not meet your approval. Some events can be explained quite normally.

So what is bait and switch? Its where some agencies, girls or pimps use pictures they have stolen or from another source thats not the girl you are being shown. A lesser not so serious form of this is one escort deciding to switch to her friend right at the last minute. At its worst is a deliberate posting of a hot girl and throwing anything at you in the hope you will just accept rather than try to find better elsewhere. To the best of our knowledge we refuse to be involved in such practices and will let you know if the oriental escort your trying to book is unavailable and offer you to choose again ir suggest an alternative to you. The recommended route is to choose several choices. To make a hot list for when you call which we can work through. This helps avoid you being given the hard sell by any receptionist and then after all the final choice is yours to make right? Of course it is.

Many agencies fight hard to do the best for you. In our case we intend to provide a safe clean place for escorts to work and a safe clean honest place for punters to punt. So to bait and switch you on arrival is never our intention and we of course dont do this as we count on your return and responsible punting.



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