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The following points are to reassure you that we have taken every step to ensure a safe and responsible punting when booking with our site to guard our reputation and to ensure your regular bookings through trust.

  • All content has been supplied freely and with the subjects consent for use on this site or advertising purposes.
  • Any content mentioning the rates in this site (or related content) is relative to duration/time only.
  • Any mention of service or act is private and behind closed doors between consenting adults.
  • Every person shown on this site or related content has contacted us requesting our admin and advertising services.
  • This site and anyone related to it are solely involved in advertising and or administration services only.
  • This site is not involved or active in anyway to any illegal activity.
  • Every person showing, to be shown or has since been removed have worked entirely of their own free will, to the best of our knowledge.
  • We Do Not supply, deal or have involvement in any legal or illegal substance, so please don't ask.
  • With every new booking we obtain the permission of the escort so we can assure you that every escort is working of their own free and that they are safer escorts who work for themselves.If she is not able to take your booking we will tell you so. Which gives you the opportunity to choose a different escort or as for a recommendation. This removes the problem of bait and switch too. a common problem with other agencies that we do our utmost to avoid mostly for your benefit and to guard our reputation.
By opening this web site you are aware that the content is adult +18 in nature and automatically consent to take responsibility for browsing through any of its pages and accept all terms and conditions. By continuing to browse you automatically agree that you accept all +18 adult content, accepting full responsibility for browsing through pages and or related content.

If for absolutely any reason you may find this web sites content offensive, immoral or do not agree with its content in any way, you must not continue to browse and should close down all pages and/or related pages immediately.
Security measures are in place for the protection of escorts against aggressive, violent and preditory men. By this we mean and include those considering robbery, fraud or harm. We understand that 99% of you are genuine decent punters but such people do exist, although rare. Consider that it is our genuine concern that punters privacy is paramount at all times. Which is why security is considered on merit and security adjusted as required. Such action is only implimented where inviduals behave illegally, or at harm or risk and innocent people. While security is at the detriment of the bad guys we stress that all genuine and decent customers retain their freedom and privacy at ALL times. An escort has the right to call the police, her porter, neighbour and agency in an emergency situation for support. In such cases evidence, data and material from the scene will be submitted in aid to arrest illegal indiviuals acting criminally.