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London Escorts review with andrea Nikki´s feedback and reviews

Posting the genuine feedback from London Escorts online visitors



1st review

(To be discreete, this review has been censored to remove identifiable information)

Name:  L(censored)e
Email: j(censored).com
Model: Nikki
Date & time: August 1st around 1 or 2 in the afternoon
Appt. type:  Incall
Looks:   9
Location:    South Kensington, Marble Arch
Punctuality: Yes
Service:     10
    Comments: In my recent trip to Europe I had a long layover in London and of course decided to take a sampling of the local talent. In my quest to find the best Asian like back in the states, I had made an appointment to see Nikki through her Agency. We emailed back and forth a few times and was told that they were expecting me even under different than normal circumstances.  They originally wanted me to call them from my cell once I arrived and then from a phone booth so that they could call me back and a bunch of steps since I did not have a hotel there. But, I called the gentleman that was working the email and set it all up. I arrived in London, took the TUBE to Harrods and from Harrods, called and got Nikki's address and apartment number. Took a taxi from there and found myself ringing her in a typical row house neighborhood of London in South Kensington. Since I had a long flight I specifically asked that a shower be available to me and that she wear a mini skirt. Nikki opened the door and I stood there with my mouth open. If her looks were any indication of the session that was to follow, I hit pay dirt NO, I hit the Mother Load. I must also mention that the pics were definitely of this girl. No substitutes here. In fact, before I go to the VIP section, just let me say, if you want quality Asian women outside of Asia, go to London. I found NERVANA!!

We made introductions and Nikki took me to the bedroom. She asked me to undress and I told her that I needed a shower. She said that she was expecting that and said that as soon as I had my clothes off, she would take me to the shower. With a towel around me that she gave me, I carried my backpack up with me to the upstairs bathroom. There, she had a tub full of bubbly warm water waiting for me. I usually just take a shower but, as in Rome.. so I climbed in and enjoyed the warm water around me. Before I could turn to Nikki, she was removing her hot little mini skirt and top and panties and climbed in with me and sat at my feet. She took a washcloth and began to wash my feet and legs and also massage them. She took her time and I was enjoying all of this, not knowing what to expect here. She slowly worked her way up my legs and then began to wash my c(censored)ck, balls and ass. She reached under and grabbed my ass and lifted my pelvic area out of the water and took my c(censored)ck DT into her mouth and spent a few minutes giving me a BBBJ. Already I was wishing that I had days instead of hours to spend in London. Next she began washing my chest with her hands and then with her breasts. Every so often, giving me one of those perfect mounds a chance to suck on them. Again some more BBBJ and finally she stood up, used the hose to clean off the soap from off her and stepped out of the tub and dried herself off. Next she asked me to stand, hosed me down and asked me to stand on her towel and dried me off. We next grabbed whatever we had and with towels around us, went down the stairs to the bedroom again. There, she again gave me a quick drying with the towel and asked me for a gift. I put the envelope on the dresser and lay down on the bed face down. Nikki left and returned clothed again in the mini skirt and heels and bra, no panties. She removed the heels, climbed on top of me and sat on my ass and began to massage my neck and shoulders. It was fantastic felling her clean-shaven pussy rubbing on my ass and rub it all over she did. After a long international flight that felt great. She worked her way down my body and finished with my feet and legs and occasionally tickling the horse and carriage. She then asked me to turn over and again she straddled my body and began to kiss my face and neck and chest. I grabbed her back and drew her to kiss her full on the lips, which she parted for me and allowed our tongues to play and get to know each other. We went from LFK to DFK in no time at all and she showed her pleasure by pushing her groin down to my man meat and I could feel her wetness and warmth on my c(censored)ck. She sucked on my nipples and then straddled my one leg and continued with the BBBJ that she was giving me in the tub. It was feeling like the best thing that I've ever had. She kept looking up at me asking me "You like?" Oh yea, "of course" I would reply, each time she asked me. After about 5 minutes of different techniques she asked if I wanted to "Bang, Bang". I was ready so she put on a cover with her mouth and oiled us both up and squatted down on my c(censored)ck. Let me tell you, it was all I could do to not shoot at that moment. This beautiful Asian gal, petite and tight as they come and with the mini skirt around her waist, were something to behold. She took it in and then began to move up and down, slowly at first and then faster. Next she knelt and leaned forward so that we could kiss and we fu(censored)ked. I then asked her if she was "A-Level" which is all-inclusive and she said yes so I asked to fu(censored)k her in the ass. She hesitated at first and then said ok but, "you too big" (actually I believe myself to be of average length but she was a petite little girl). She lubed her ass up and my c(censored)ck and tried to sit on my c(censored)ck. Try as she may, it would not go in . "too big" was what she kept saying. I then suggested she lay on her back. I positioned myself between her legs, threw her legs over my shoulders and put the head of my c(censored)ck at her ass hole. I slowly began to ever so gently push against her tight ass. She kept saying "too big, you too bi!" but never said STOP or NO so, I kept on. She took a few deep breaths and began to push up against my c(censored)ck. She applied more lube on her ass and my c(censored)ck and we began again. This time, she grabbed me from behind my thighs and began to pull me into her. Finally, the head was in. "Too big" she kept saying but she kept pulling me towards her. Eventually she relaxed enough that I was able to insert my entire c(censored)ck up her ass. We both caught our breath and slowly began to move back and forth. Her cries of "too big" soon changed to "fu(censored)k me harder, baby" and I was soon pounding this most tight, beautiful Asian woman that I had the good fortune of finding. Within five minutes of pumping her I was near and grabbed both her legs in front of me in a bear hug and she pulled me tight against her body realizing that I was about to cum and I came like a twenty year old. I filled up that Trojan like I was a young man. "You strong man" she said as we both relaxed on the bed referring to the load I just deposited in the rubber. I laid on my back and she removed the rubber and ran to the bathroom and returned with a hot towel for clean up of me. She lay down next to me and we talked some while her hand was playing with my c(censored)ck. She gave me some more BBBJ but I was not to answer the bell a second time this trip. Nikki was fantastic. Where in the U.S. can you find first of all an Asian that gives BBBJ, Greek, pretty, petite young tight body, give you a bath and massage, fu(censored)k your brains out and be reasonably priced? I for sure have not found that. For my 150 (about  dollar 282 in today's exchange rate) Nikki in London can't be beat or from what I've read, most of the Asians there as well. I'm tempted to take another trip to London again very soon, even with all of this crap going on at the airports. Two big thumbs up for Nikki and London.


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- End Review -


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