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Tall Guy
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3.15AM 7 January 2007
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Bayswater, London
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She did no even turn up for the appointment and told me to leave the premises as soon as I got there. What a total waste of money and time. I do not recommend this girl to anyone. SEE THE AGENCY RESPONSE)
Admins comments: AGENCY RESPONSE. We interviewed Jen regarding events.. Aparently, in the later half of 2006 Jen was victim to a violent mugging. Although we understand that this is not the fault of Mr Tall Guy, we understand from Jen that the mugger was a young asian guy of similar appearance to Mr Tall Guy and she panicked. As it is entirely the decision of the girl to accept entry and all girls will lean towards security and safety rather than take risks in London. We are inclined to accept the ladies decision to refuse entry in this case. After all, as far as she is concerned it was a lucky escape and she is not accusing an innocent man. We feel that this was actually a case of current events enducing a paranoid reaction. It is with regret that Mr Tall Guy was at the receiving end and just a case of the wrong guy at the wrong place, wrong time. We do feel sorry for him. - AGENCY ADVICE - It is in everyones best interest to make escorts feel at ease. Every escorts perspective is that she has everything to loose if it all goes wrong. When you have made an appointment, stick to the arrangements and show your face at the door. Make her feel as comfortable as you possibly can. After all, this will result in a better experience for you too. Jen has had other recent appointments that took place without a hitch.

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