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September 27th 2006
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Absolutely not
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Bayswater, London
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Jen was not dressed as requested even though she confirmed she would be. Her Thai massage was very ameuterish and pointless, she lacked interest in what she was doing, she did not provide the services I was led to believe she would and she did not like being touched or kissed. This was my worst visit to any Thai girl and was a total waste of time and more importantly money. I will definately not be returning.
Admins comments: Admin followed up this review by checking with Jen. Jen was not aware that Chris had left a review at this point... Jens quote - Him good man, but he not like pussy, ha ha ha. ------------------------------------------------ --------------------------- ADMINS ADVICE ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Discuss things with your girl on arrival. If your really not happy stop before youve gone too far and its still time to cancel. Its true that Agencies dont like cancellations in this manner but its better than being unhappy. Also Jen has had some good feedback in the past, so we feel that you and her just didnt click on this occasion. We know from experience that if you bring you wine or even a cheap bunch of flowers, it will start you off on the right foot. All girls love a little attention even those who escort. Better luck next time.

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