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12 May 08 (1500hrs)
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, London
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Very sexy and friendly girl who would do anything with a smile. Started with a simple shower where she gently washed.. (-- censored as unsuitable material that may accidently be linked to rates in error --).. with soap while i shampooed myself. Was almost ready to (censored) at that moment and was moaning in her bathroom. Straight on to some action right after that where she took control and started (censored) from the neck to the (censored) and then down under. Always seeming to give her best by being accommodating and kept asking whether i liked it. It was followed by her putting on the cap for me and on to (censored) and then (censored). Finished off with mutual (censored) where my fingers went (censored) down(censored) in (censored) and she was very sensitive. Cleaned up after that and she suggested some massage which was truly remarkable! A very cute girl with a very friendly smile to melt anyone's heart. She then flipped me over and started playing with my (censored) again and I was ready for more action. Went on for a great session of oral before she requested for me to bang her. I gladly did and enjoyed it very much. Would definitely recommend her to all!
Admins comments: on review admin confrims this matches actual booking event. - Please guys avoid mentioning the nitty gritty stuff at all times. all such activities are between 2 consenting adults. they have to be removed from the public domain - its not by choice, its just not legal to display it.

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