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South Kensington, London
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Wow what a sexy little pocket rocket. Great body and enhanced breasts to die for. Couldn't keep my hands off them. After a nice warm up shower together Donna set to work with what can only be described as some of the best oral skills I have ever experienced.... I didn't really want her to stop, but also wanted to sample all the other services on offer... Which I duly did and with Donna playing her role enthusiastically. After a 10 minute massage we were off for another round and again Donna displayed her oral skills... She really does seem to enjoy it. The big mirror at the end of the bed gave a perfect view and I couldn't resist the option of a doggy session with both of us facing the mirror!!! Overall a fantastic experience even after Donna admitted she was not on 100% top form... So can't wait to find out how good she is when she is feeling 100% !!!

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