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Oxford Circus, London
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Solid performer, typical naughty small Thai girl with big soft rack and quite submissive. I met her at 11:00 am and she was dressed in school girl (as on pics) as requested, fresh and clean. After she saw my big boy she said she can take only have in her mouth (so no DT) but she obliged and I could hold her he(censored text)ed. She as making quite some fake noises but I don't mind. I then went straight into A while on doggy and pumped away fast and slow to my pleasure. She just got it all as a trooper and let me do all I wanted. I then CIM but she was using some paper to help her our during the final process. Then a nice massage and then one more round on cow girl while enjoying those boobs. Was ready for a third round toward the end but she hinted she was spent and cannot blame her. She is very nice. Treat her well, she deserves it. See you soon again. XXX
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