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Dr Steve
Date of visit:
14/09/2011 @ 18:00
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I think it impossible not enjoy a visit to Shakira
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Great Portland St, London
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Shakira is definitely one of my favourite girls. I booked her as a slightly early birthday present to myself and as expected she was one of the loveliest presents one could hope for! She looks delightful from head to toe and entertains with great enthusiasm and skill. I have had one or two slightly disappointing experiences with other girls recently but then it is a real challenge to meet the standard Shakira sets. Highly recommended.
Admins comments: Reviewing this feedback it matches a diary entry and so appears trusted. This glowing review was related this escort in the London Covent garden area of wc2e at the time. If more of her reviews exist they will be shown below. Other reviews can be found at your favourite girls personal page. Thanks. Admin at asian selection London escorts agency.

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